The goal of our supported community living program is to help persons with disabilities to remain in the least restrictive environment, while providing integrated opportunities in the community. The program, open to both children and adults, is designed to develop and strengthen daily living activities. 

Services are provided in both group and individual settings.  Group settings include going out to eat, bowling, swimming or visiting the arcade.  All of these activities are intended to work on motor skills, money changing, communication and socialization.  These group settings also help build friendships among peers.

Individual services are determined by the wishes of the client.  These might involve working on independent living skills such as bathing and dressing, becoming proficient around the home, and taking a more active part of the mainstream community.

Individuals are usually referred to Lakes LifeSkills by their case manager.  The intake process might include phone calls to the individual and/or guardian, and application to assess needs and the development of an individualized program.